About Me

My name is Ratul Ghosh. I am originally from Kolkata where I received my initial schooling. Presently I am pursuing electronics and communication engineering from IIIT Allahabad. I love reading books and is a huge fan of Isaac Asimov and H G Wells. I am interested in machine learning, cognitive computing, internet of things and application development. I like painting, playing chromatic harmonica and video games. I also like travelling to new places, swimming and playing chess.

  • 1st global rank in the Machine Learning Hackathon organised by Société Générale
  • Second Prize, MUTeX MINER: Won the second prize in the hackathon organized by Indian Institute of Science and Strand Life Science and sponsored by Microsoft, Google and TCS.
  • 29th rank in the Young Data Scientist Challenge organized by ZS Associates.
  • 21st global rank in the CodeSprint organised by WalmartLabs.
  • 10th rank in the international level machine learning contest organised by Indeed.
  • 9th Place in the international level machine learning contest organized by IIT (BHU) and sponsored by Microsoft.
  • Among the 20 best teams selected to participate in the final round of Nasscom TechNgage based on the project done on the theme of Digital India.

Work Experience

Jan 2018 - Present

TCS Innovation Labs

Machine Learning, Intern
Working on Content-Based Image Retrieval and Clustering for Collaborative Slam at the Machine Vision division of TCS Innovation Lab

Feb 2017 - Present


Project Reviewer and Beta tester
I review Machine Learning and Deep Learning projects for Udacity Nanodegree programs. Help give specific and actionable feedback to students.

May 2017 - Jul 2017

ThirdEye Data

Software Developer(Machine Learning) Intern
Worked on cloud-based ETL and Data Analytics system. Worked on image classification, image retrieval using Tensorflow and data transformation from different sources like S3, redshift, mysql etc. using AWS.

Winter 2016

Busigence Technologies LLC

Data Engineer, Intern
>Designed and implemented applications to support distributed processing and transformation of raw data using Apache Spark. Performance increased by 10X from previous solution.Used Spark MLlib and TensorFlow for performing machine learning and associated tasks on massive datasets.

Summer 2016

Indian Statistical Instiute, Kolkata

Summer, Intern
Research Work in the area of "Deep Learning" at the Center for Soft Computing Research. Developed a model for multi-class classification of the severity of Diabetic Retinopathy from color fundus photographs, using Convolutional Neural Network(CNN). Paper to be published at IEEE Xplore Digital Library.

Winter 2015


Software Developer(IoT), Intern
Developed an IoT-based Industrial Thermo-Surveillance and Interlocking. Won the best project award in the final evaluation.

Mar 2016 - Mar 2017

GeekHaven (IIIT Allahabad Technical Society)

I have been selected to serve as Coordinator of my Institute’s technical society. In this role, I have to take special programming tutorial classes and workshops of my junior batches.

Summer 2015

HP Education

Summer, Trainee
12 weeks of training on J2EE and Android Application Development. Received A+ in final evaluation.
Developed an Online National Polling System - a web-based system using Java, Servlet2.4 JSP2.0, EL, JSTL, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, MySQL, Jakarta Struts Framework and Hibernate ORM.
Developed a Media Player - an Android app using Java, XML and MySQL. The app could read all songs from the phone memory and the sd-card and stores them in a database along with the meta-data.



Undergraduate Degree - 2018

Indian Instiute of Information Technology, Allahabad

B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication, June 2018.
Undergraduate Coursework: Operating Systems; Algorithms; Programming Languages; Distributed Systems; Graph Theory; Networking; Comp. Architecture; Marketing Management; Principle of Economics; Linear Algebra; Calculus; Signal Processing; Digital Electronics; Antenna Theory; Control System; Optical Communication.
Others Coursework: Machine Learning; Introduction to Haptics; Computation Structures; Fairness, Accountability and Transparency in Machine Learning.

High School - 2014

Kalyani Public School

Graduated with pure science(Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Chemistry). Active member of Fine Arts Society. Got 95% in CBSE board exam.

Secondary School - 2012

Julien Day School

Graduated with Science(Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Biology). Active member of Sports and SUPW Club. Got 95.6% in ICSE board exam.


IoT 70%

My Projects

  • Machine Learning and NLP
  • Android
  • IoT
  • Miscellaneous

Contact Me

Call : +91 8013296934